The company is young and dynamic

The business was launched in 2007 with a small powder coating plant for iron products. Over the years the business developed and expanded and today has its own headquarters in a new plant which opened in 2017, equipped with cutting-edge machinery, for the powder coating of iron, aluminium and galvanised products.

From the individual product to mass-produced machining, the Manessi Group is distributed at a competitive price without neglecting precision and quality.


Since 2007, the department dedicated to treatments with industrial painting has developed over an area of around 4,000 square meters, where the various departments are organised:

  • Powder-coating department
  • Liquid-painting department
  • Shotblasting department
  • Powders warehouse
  • Loading and unloading magazine. The interconnection between the various production areas allows a smooth and speedy process, started and finished according to high quality standards.
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting


The processes involving all the painting phases of a product, from preparation of the material to final packaging, are carried out with innovative machinery and cutting-edge paints, in full respect of current environmental, safety and quality standards.

The expert team monitors execution of the various phases with precision and according to current standards. The company can guarantee thickness, opaqueness, colorimetry and resistance to external agents, in compliance with the specifications requested by the customer.

But that's not all: a wide sample of available paints increases the possibilities of personalising the end product. Finally, the optimal conditions of the areas where the processes take place allow an end result without faults: aesthetically impeccable and resistant over the years.


Manessi Group certifies the processes of the painting department with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, in force on quality practices in use at headquarters. The company thus guarantees the adequacy of the production site with high standards. Manessi Group is able to guarantee the correct and valid execution of the specifications requested by the customer, producing a product quickly without compromising its quality.


Manessi Group's industrial painting department uses a wide range of machines:

  • Two-rail powder plant: able to handle parts with maximum workable dimensions of 4600 x 1100 h=2050 mm with capacity of up to 400 kg
  • Static powder plant: able to work on parts with maximum dimensions of 6100 x 2100 h=3000 mm and maximum capacity of 700 kg
  • Static powder plant: able to work on parts with maximum dimensions of 10000 x 1600 h=2300 mm and maximum capacity of 1,000 kg
  • Static liquid plant: able to work on parts with maximum dimensions of 10000 x 4000 h=2000 mm and maximum capacity of 500 kg
  • Shotblasting plant composed of tunnel shotblasting machine with transport of parts on rollers and treatment through the use of steel micro-spheres with maximum dimensions of part 2000 x 1900 L=12000 mm
  • Shotblasting plant 2: composed of chamber shotblasting machine through the use of steel micro-spheres with maximum dimensions of the part 800 x 500 h= 1400 mm


The flexibility and personalisation guaranteed by the Manessi Group workshops make it possible to satisfy an ever-increasing number of requests coming from the widest range of sectors:

  • Construction structural work
  • Indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Industrial structural work
  • Textile sector
  • Automotive sector
  • Food sector
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting


Manessi Group subjects each painted part to various consecutive processing phases which, together, compose the whole process. The step organisation makes it possible to guarantee the quality of each production phase.


Once the machining process has been defined and the customer's requirements understood, the assembly chain and loading of equipment necessary for the optimal preparation of the parts to be painted, are set. Then, the carefully protected parts are picked up from the magazine and positioned appropriately to start processing. The personnel, present during the whole process, make constant checks, discarding any not conform material.


Each part treated with paints is duly prepared for the procedure trough shotblasting. Through a mechanical movement, the DR 1900 – 6 TR shotblasting machine removes the upper layer of the sheet, eliminating residues such as oxides, previous paints, calcifications and other particles. The shotblasting makes the surface of the part particularly suitable for the next painting phase, because it makes it rough and porous enough to absorb and then fix the base of the finish in the best possible way.

Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting


Prior to painting, the material must be washed. This phase is necessary in order to remove any foreign element from the parts so that an impeccable end result can be achieved.

• Phase 1: washing with pickling agents at a temperature of 50° and/or with trivalent acids to remove any residue of oil or extraneous substances coming from previous machining processes. Washing phases using shotblasting can be implemented to guarantee a perfect result.

• Phase 2: the material is rinsed three times with mains water, to eliminate the substances used during the previous phase, which otherwise would have a negative effect on the yield of the paint during the final phase.


After washing, each part goes on to be dried in an oven heated to 180°C. The high temperature dries the material perfectly, completely eliminating humidity and removing the impurities present on the surface for good.

Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting - Drying
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting - Masking


Once the parts are dry, the operators make a further check so that they can proceed with masking the surfaces: the parts which do not have to be treated can be protected by applying specific completely isolating and safe masks, to guarantee clean and precise machining.


Synthetic resins are applied to the material being machined through specific dispensers. These distribute powder which is deposited due to the electrostatic field. Otherwise, liquid paint is applied. The function of painting is not only to make the part aesthetically pleasing, but also, and above all, to protect the end product from external agents such as atmospheric and corrosive agents. In this way, the product will last much longer.

Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting - Baking


In order for the paint to stick and to ensure its long-term resistance, every product is inserted into a bell furnace with a temperature which varies, depending on the specifications of the finish of the material being processed and the chosen technology, between 180° and 200°C. Inside the furnace the paint polymerizes "sealing" the colour on the surfaces. The baking time may vary according to the thickness of the surface being dried and according to the material. As the end result, the part leaves the furnace coated in a thick and thermosetting film.


Once dry, the machined part is checked by the team operating in the department. The check of the quality and successful result of the painting procedure is carried out according to high standards to ensure that each part of the process required upstream has been performed.

Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting - Check
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting - Packing


The finished part must be properly protected for transportation to the customer. All the parts are carefully packed, guaranteeing total safety. The end product reaches its destination in perfect conditions, guaranteeing customer's satisfaction.

Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Painting