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Manessi Group produces metal structures, taking care of the process all-round: from the initial study, to assembly up to final testing


Manessi's metal structures division in Brescia is specialised in research, design, production and inspection of self-bearing mechanical constructions and structures for storage and warehousing, including automated ones. Thanks to its staff composed of trained and constantly updated specialists, each step of the process is certified and checked in order to guarantee maximum execution quality. The customer is at the centre of the project: Manessi Group listens to needs and expectations and optimises the processes skilfully, in order to achieve the best possible result.


Rational design and maximum efficiency in the use of the installation space are the mission of the Manessi Group team of technicians and engineers, who are able to identify and design the safest and most appropriate solution, satisfying the specific needs of the customer with the most advanced technologies.

Starting from 3D project design, the team produces and then installs metal structures verifying that they satisfy each individual initial requirement of the customer. Thanks to the ongoing research and updating regarding the technologies used in the company in Brescia, Manessi Group produces innovative metal structures with cutting-edge materials.

Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Metal structures Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Metal structures


Manessi Group produces metal structures which are applied to a wide range of sectors: self-bearing anti-seismic mezzanines for operating and logistics warehouses, metal mezzanines, roofs and roof claddings for industrial storage buildings, for anti-seismic factory buildings and for both commercial and residential buildings. Manessi designs, produces and installs anti-seismic safety stairs, in metal structures, for indoors and outdoors, for industrial and residential applications.

Manessi Group offers the possibility of improvement or seismic upgrading of already existing structures, carrying out analyses and estimates according to current standards. The team of engineers proceeds with the design of the actual implementation of the project. The improvement and seismic upgrading procedures conclude with the issue of a final certificate which guarantees the stability of the construction. The operating team, based in Brescia, works only and exclusively in respect of safety and environmental protection regulations.

Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Metal structures
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Metal structures
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Metal structures


Manessi Group designs, produces, assembles and installs mezzanines for operating and logistics warehouses. Thanks to the most advanced technologies, space in warehouses can be increased by providing new structural solutions for logistics. The robust nature of the metal structures makes it possible to use the vertical volume, obtaining extra space for storing materials. Each Manessi mezzanine structure is also certified according to current regulations.

Mezzanines create space on additional surfaces, extending the space's storage capacity. Manessi Group's structures guarantee safety, strength and a long life thanks to the use of the best materials and the skills of the team of engineers and operators.

What are the product variants available?

• Iron mezzanine

The watch word: optimisation of space. The Manessi team makes the structural calculations prescribed by current legislation for every project, so as to guarantee a safe, long-lasting product.

• Metal mezzanine

Are you looking for an extra warehouse for your company? A metal mezzanine is the most valid storage solution to create an area isolated from your place of work.

• Metal structural mezzanine

We are the perfect partner for designing and mounting metal structural mezzanines with one or more walk-on levels.

• Anti-seismic mezzanine

Manessi Group produces structures in compliance with the current new anti-seismic legislation, putting the safety of individuals and the working environment in first place.

• Iron logistics mezzanine

Useful for simplifying the handling of goods, mezzanines created for warehouse logistics are a useful tool for rationalising working spaces.

• Industrial mezzanine

A useful space multiplier. Its walk-on structure, with safety parapets, is composed of load-bearing columns and primary and secondary beams.

• Mezzanine for warehouses

Self-supporting structure with non-invasive mounting, useful for creating space in a warehouse for problem-free logistics.

• Mezzanine for offices

If you are looking for a new working space for new co-workers, the answer could be an office mezzanine! Perfectly safe and functional.

• Customised mezzanine

The solution you are looking for isn’t a standard one? No problem. Manessi Group, with its team of experts, designs, produces and mounts mezzanines customised to satisfy your requirements.

• Modular mezzanine

Recessed structure, functional and easy to install. It does not require any additional work and is tested with ad hoc technical tests.

• Mezzanine platforms

Available in different heights, with cladding of the walk-on surface, these are produced following current regulations and satisfying the specific requirements of the space in which they are installed.


Manessi Group designs, produces and installs roofs and roof claddings of small and large dimensions, ideal for industrial buildings and storage facilities, anti-seismic warehouses and for the commercial and residential building trade. The projects, tailor-made for each customer, take into consideration specific needs with care and attention.

Thanks to the use of certified quality materials, Manessi Group guarantees the safety and strength of roof structures. "Turnkey" operations include not only supplying various types of roof cladding, but also walls, complex design structures and complete sheet metal products.

Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Metal structures
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia - Metal structures


Safety fire-escape stairs are of fundamental importance for any building where people gather and are obligatory in structures used by the public. Manessi Group designs, produces and tests anti-seismic metal stairs.

Each construction is made in respect of safety and environmental protection regulations, an imperative for Manessi Group.