Processing of structural work since 1982

Manessi Group operates in the structural work sector and offers a wide range of associated services, working over an area of around 13,000 square meters. The whole metalworking production is carried out according to high quality standards and certified systems, within which automation guarantees performing outputs.

Manessi guarantees medium-heavy structural work services, satisfying the construction needs of all types of metal structures. The application of end structures covers the widest range of sectors:

  • logistics
  • textile
  • food and bottling
  • mechanical
  • furniture
  • nuclear

Thanks to a team of 50 expert workers, constantly updated on the latest technologies implemented in the sector, Manessi Group carries out each operation with extreme precision. Manessi structural work satisfies metal machining needs thanks to cutting, laser-cutting, welding, assembly and other services, with the skills that reflect many decades of know-how.

Integrated automation in processes and high-level logistics allow allows allows loading and unloading operations to be carried out independently, speeding up 24-hour machining cycles.

Treating each element with the same attention and accuracy, Manessi Group also carries out more complicated operations. Without any hitch, quality control systems make it possible to obtain an extremely satisfying end result, in its complexity.

Standard structural work or customised projects, Manessi Group carries out everything in-house from cutting to assembling the painted part.


Our specialised technical staff, will work alongside you and support you in CAD/CAM design and production, to make metal structures in general, from mass-produced products to prototypes.

Carpenteria Manessi Brescia


Manessi Group carries out machining on metals via laser-cuts on steel and stainless steel sheets and plates. Laser-cutting is a technique that uses the heat of the laser, suited to processes that require maximum precision and a clean end result, without imperfections. Laser cutting also makes it possible to eliminate production waste, making the process eco-sustainable.

Carrying out laser-cuts with the latest generation machines, Manessi can design and produce sheets to order from the simplest and most standardised to more complex ones, with products issued quickly thanks to automation of the production processes.

Manessi Group has special systems for making laser-cut parts with a thickness of up to 25 mm in steel, 15 mm in stainless steel and 15 mm in aluminium.

  • BYSTRONIC laser system by SPRINT FIBER 3015, 4000 Watt, with working range of 1500 x 3000 mm, interfaced with an automatic magazine
  • BYSTRONIC laser system by STAR 4020, 6000 Watt, with working range of 2000 x 4000 mm
  • BYSTRONIC laser system by SPEED 3015, 4400 Watt, with working range of 1500 x 3000 mm, interfaced with an automatic magazine


In June 2019, Manessi Group expanded its machine stock with an LT8.10 ADIGE tube laser cutting system.

The aim of inserting the new 3D tube laser cutter is to satisfy further requests from customers, significantly increasing the structural work production capacity.

LT8.10 allows 3D machining on round, square and rectangular sections and on open sections as well as on special sections including ones with a concave shape. With extreme precision, the profiles are cut by laser cutting to create highly performing and precise products.

The system makes it possible to produce tubes with sloping cuts, bevelling and flaring and is fitted with a bundle loading system up to the length of 8500 mm in a completely automated cycle.

Machining is programmed by the in-house team through an integrated CAD/CAM system which allows the importation of three-dimensional models (IGES/STEP/XT) and makes it possible to continue with production immediately.

LT8.10 ADIGE is fitted with an interface which transmits a graphic model of the part being machined, useful in order to obtain a perception of the actual state in each phase of the process and of the result.

Technical characteristics of the LT8.10 ADIGE tube laser cutter

  • Machinable sections from Ø 10 mm to Ø 240 mm
  • Bar weight up to 40 kg/m
  • Loading length up to 8500 mm
  • Unloading length up to 8500 mm
  • Laser fibre source 4 kW
  • Automatic adjustments
  • 3D cutting
  • Cuttable materials: iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia


Punching is an operation which makes it possible to obtain holes in the metal sheets by making an incision with a punch.

Manessi Group is equipped with a TRUMPF TRUMATIC 5000 punching machine with round tool, with the possibility of machining sheets up to a thickness of 4 mm and a working range of up to 1500 x 3000 mm.

The machine can carry out cutting and shaping processes quickly and in total safety, even with regard to the most complex operations.

Punching operations can be carried out according to the drawing commissioned by the customer.


The shearing makes the cutting process clean and achieves a result without imperfections, with extremely accurate edges.

Manessi Group offers the cutting of metal materials using a shearing machine to obtain a sheet with an accurate shape.

Cutting without burr is guaranteed by the oleo-dynamic Warcom Prima CNC guillotine shearing machine, with a cutting length of 3000 mm and a cutting capacity of surfaces with a maximum thickness of 8 mm.

The shearing machine is characterised by 2 automatic 340 mm CNC saws,

Carpenteria Manessi Brescia
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia


Through bending services, Manessi carries out permanent deformations on metal sheets studying the initial material and calculating the spring-back effect in order to guarantee its correction. It is a fundamental step in the sheet metal working process, which usually takes place after cutting. The result is a fixed and defect-free folding, even after delivery of the final product.

The result is a permanent bending without fault even after the end product has been delivered.

For bending metal sheets with a thickness of up to 15 mm, Manessi relies on an extensive range of bending presses using the most innovative technologies, for working safely with the maximum precision.

  • Bending press Warcom Logica electric 40 t, 1250 mm
  • Bending press Warcom 75 t, 2000 mm, controlled by Fanuc robot and managed by Starmatik software
  • Bending press Warcom Dynamics 200 t, 4200 mm
  • Bending press Warcom Dynamics 320 t, 4200 mm
  • Bending press Gasparini 135 t, 3000 mm
  • Bending press Gasparini 105 t, 3000 mm
  • Bending press Schiavi 25 t, L 1200 mm

Through the folding it is possible to work pieces of any size, thanks to the accurate design, all with extreme attention to a functional design.


The calandering service is carried out on metal sheets with the aim of creating metal sheets with a conical or cylindrical shape.

The calandering systems belonging to the Manessi machinery pool make it possible to carry out operations on metal sheets and other types of materials, obtaining the desired diameter accurately and quickly, right from the beginning, without burrs.

Ideal for the production of structures such as tubes or for the application of plastic material on a wooden base, Manessi Group relies on machinery such as:

  • 4-roller CNC Calander SERGI 2050x6
  • Calander 1050x2
  • Edgebanding machine
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia


The team of specialised staff with specific licence design and performs welding on iron, stainless steel and aluminium. Thanks to the welding procedure, continuous products in steel can be made, obtaining materials which can be easily integrated into even the most complex and structured construction projects. All Manessi welding procedures are qualified according to UNI EN 287-1 standards for the qualification of welders who work with steel, UNI EN 15614-1 for the qualification of voltaic arc procedures for steel and nickel alloys and according to the ASME code.

The robotised systems and numerous welding stations allow a rapid and efficient, but also flexible machining process, to satisfy the requirements of the customer. Welding faults are corrected or excluded thanks to the use of penetrating liquids, x-ray examinations or other types of further checks on request.

The Manessi Group welding department has:

  • 14 TIG-MIG Weldtronic and Fronius welding stations
  • 1 CLOOS TIG-MIG robotised welding system, with 3 welding benches
  • 2 column spot welding machines
Carpenteria Manessi Brescia